Monday, 3 January 2011


Happy new year! Hope you're feeling sexy after Xmas!


Well, its time I changed the name of my blog.
Also, it seems my original purpose of the blog, to chart my ability to make a film a month, has passed its sell-by-date.

I failed. Sigh.

Success means different things to different people, as does failure...I failed not because I didn't make a film for every month of the year of 2010, I failed because I lost my passion and drive to try. After the mid-way celebrations I was so disappointed that I hadn't made a film a month SO FAR, I didn't want to risk failure by trying to do it in the second half of the year...the irony is that even though I might have failed if I had tried, I DEFINITELY failed by not trying.
I am not good at dealing with failure. So I'm just going to have to grow up, in many ways.

However, Christmas has been a very creative time for me in terms of writing and having masses of ideas, spurred on by the fact that now I have a camera I can actually do some of the stuff I think of, rather than faffing around doing nothing. I even did a bit of filming today, the first of a prospective series of story telling videos...that's me copying Jj again.
Check out his website, by the way: JOEL BUCKLAND DOT COM.
One thing I forgot, but remembered upon transferring the clips to the computer, is that HD takes up LOADS OF DISC SPACE.
I will not forget this again in a hurry.

Also on the horizon is a potential filmed element to Britta's and my film blog, Couple of Spoilerz (check it out, it needs the traffic, and there'll be reviews of Tron Legacy and Monsters up there soon) but I'm not telling you exactly what it is yet, becuase that would spoil the surprise.
Finally I am planning a theatre-cum-vodcast project entitled Cardboard Playhouse which fits in nicely with the proposed project I am doing with Jason Phelps, a film of Waiting for Godot.

In vaguely film related news I recieved a copy of 'Its Only A Movie' by my hero Mark Kermode from my lovely bro Tom. I enjoyed reading it very much on the train yesterday, and it was very comforting finding out that there was a time when the quiffed wonder was just as down on his luck as any of us.

In other news good matey Polis released a new dream-film right before Xmas called "Birthday Boy" check it out on Vimeo, right HERE. It has some really haunting imagery of things you might not ever think were scary...

Well, I think that's enough for now. I'll just leave you with a teaser...

Consider yourself teased.

Make way for film!

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Updates - 24/5, Degree a New Camera

Hello all
Well, lots has been happening since my last post, but the most important parts have gone on inside my mind.
After a long time of apathy, possibly brought on by fear of faliure or worries about how my previous films turned out, I was fired up again by the thought of entering the Derby-based 5-lamps 24-hour film competiton (or 24/5) with my good friend Neil. He did most of the work, sorting out equipment, plotting the film out and arranging actors, like the proactive film squirrel he is. I did the paperwork and a few other bits, and when it came to the day (Saturday 20th November) things went well.

We attack from the north!

Although frayed nerves began to show in the long evening, we made it through. One sleepless night of film jiggery and pokery with Neil and Chris (another good freind who is always a trooper when called to the film stand) later and we had a pretty darn good film titled 'No Good Deed' which will shortly appear on the Ootoob. Our actors and additional crew were great, and all in all it was a grand experience.

The screening and awards were done a week later on Sunday 28th at Derby Quad. Sadly 'No Good Deed' failed to win a prize, but then the competition was stiff. I can't deny I was a little upset, but of course there's no telling what heights the full cut of the film (without the 3 minute restraits of the competition) will soar to.

Also I must mention that the screening formed part of the ID Festival at the Quad, a celebration of British Films, and we must continue to support this kind of thing, as it was awesome. You can read my own and Britta's reveiws at our other blog, Couple of Spoilerz.

So, I have decided not to go on to do a Masters Degree at this time.
Financial, practicle and artistic worries assail me about it, and I have come to the conclusion that its just not the right thing to do. I should, I think, be getting serious about my life of film making, something which I have for far too long given lots of enthusiam and no practicle action. The money alone would not have swung it, but I feel that a move back to academia would be a move into hiding, not a move into the world. Only time will tell if I am right about this.
To this end though, instead of the EXPENSIVE professional camera I was going to buy with my loan, I have instead bought a REASONABLY PRICED camcorder with my own money, along with some spiffy accessories. It is a Canon HF200, which shoots excellent HD footage onto memory cards. I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with it.

More updates soon.
Make way for film!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn Projects

Hello all!
I realise its been a while, I've had a varied few weeks with little time for film making.
Actually, that's a lie. I wanted a bit of a break. But now, its time to kick ass!

Sadly, at least two projects, including the much touted Easter Egg, now have to wait until next year as the summer weather (what we had of it) has now past.
Still, the crisp, lovely Autumn weather and the dark sinister weather of Winter are useful too, and so I present to you projects which (hopefully) will be done within the year...

1) Plastic Vultures - Finally finishing it!
2) Limbo - A ghostly film about a supernatural detective
3) Culture - An ambitious PR man regrets joining a pharmaseutical company with secrets
4) Inbetweenland - My documentary about suburbia is due for another round of filming

And anything else I can think of to make.

Make way for film!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Ich fahrer nach Deustchland!

I think. I have a terrible feeling the grammar in that sentence is off.
Anyway, I am off for a week in Germany and will be in a techno-blackout, with no laptop.
My brain will be ticking away with what we used to call 'pens' and 'paper' to hand, but no word will there be in the electronic domain.
Have a great week all, see you soon.

Make way for film!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Loaded Up

Hey all,

Well now the half way mark is passed and everyone involved was given a chance to see the world premiers, its time to stop being coy and say...the films have gone public!
Everyone must now go here...

Spekti's Vimeo Profile

There you will find After Ate, Freeman Michael Brothers, Judge N Jury and the trailers for Inbetweenland and Plastic Vultures.

There are a couple of others I haven't added yet, mainly because they need a final tweak, but they will be up in a week or so :)

Comment, give feedback, and make way for film!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Half -Wrapped

Firstly, a MASSIVE shout out to everyone who made it to the screening, it was a joy to see you all and great to hear you reactions. Even those who were snarky. You know who I mean.
Also commiserations for those who were unable to attend, I was very sad each time I got another 'can't come' message, as your presence always means a lot to me. However, I understand life is not simple and sometimes things are just impossible to do.
Also, massive thanks to Seema and Richard who own the Gallery and Chris White the sound engineer who set me up with the PA system :)
Please check out his website Piggy Back Studios

They are all looking at a picture of a duck. They cannot take their eyes of it.
Ducky-ducky duck duck.

The thing was a partial success, which is to say that the actual films went ahead and were all finished and that, but I did let people down badly in many ways. I was editing up until the last moment, literally burning the master copy of the DVD as the taxi waited outside to take me to the event that I planned and hoped to be there for at least an hour before any guests arrived.

I failed miserably, in fact arriving after nearly everyone apart from those I arrived with simultaneously by a bizarre fluke. I didn't manage to do as I had hoped and give out signed copies of the DVD to participants, or dress up nicely, or even ice the cakes with purple icing :( A sad case, indeed. I beat myself up about it pretty badly, but as always the presence of my friends being happy and forgiving made it all better.

What next?
Well, determination. Because there is one thing wrong with being a goal oriented person - once the goal is achieved, there is a tremendous urge to believe you have done everything you need to, get complacent and not try any more.
It has been my perpetual downfall.

On the other hand, since everything has been ridiculously hectic over the last week (I didn't get to bed before 2am any night, and not the fun 2am where your clubbing and drinking, the 2am where you fall asleep and get keyboard face), I feel justified in giving myself a break.
And by a break I mean getting on with tackling the mass of washing up and mess I have generated by being to busy to deal with anything but making films for the past week.

Fear not, though, Spekti fans! (no, I don't think they exist either. Sigh).
I will also be using this week as a chance to look over all my old projects, what went wrong, what went right, collecting feedback from people and, of course, looking to the future.
I will also finally, after one last check for potential improvements, be POSTING THE GOSHDARNED VIDEOS online, probably on my Vimeo account.

So, onward in 2010.
Another 6 films this year? Easy!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sunny Side Up

Well my dears, after singing out in praise of grey days yesterday, I reveal myself as a filthy hypocrite when I say I am very glad that, according the the Beeb Beeb Ceeb Weather Page, Sunday will be a sunny day.
A very sunny day. Hooray, hooray, a sunny day ^_^

Ignore this. Its irrelevant.

I say this, mostly, because Jasmine Cottage has a beautiful garden and we can stand in it and frolic and gambol and such. And eat cupcakes and quaff and carouse and that.
However, there will be now carousing, no, nor indeed quaffing, if you have not confirmed your attendance by 10am on Saturday, when I will set off to do my shopping, and as mentioned before, the amount of food I am going to purchase depends on how many I'm getting.
Sorry to keep ramming this home. Heh. Ramming.

Or is it? Yes. Yes it is.

The SUPER SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT (TM) will be in production today and tomorrow, which means that the full compliment of 5 films will be reached! Wohoo!

Make way for film