Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn Projects

Hello all!
I realise its been a while, I've had a varied few weeks with little time for film making.
Actually, that's a lie. I wanted a bit of a break. But now, its time to kick ass!

Sadly, at least two projects, including the much touted Easter Egg, now have to wait until next year as the summer weather (what we had of it) has now past.
Still, the crisp, lovely Autumn weather and the dark sinister weather of Winter are useful too, and so I present to you projects which (hopefully) will be done within the year...

1) Plastic Vultures - Finally finishing it!
2) Limbo - A ghostly film about a supernatural detective
3) Culture - An ambitious PR man regrets joining a pharmaseutical company with secrets
4) Inbetweenland - My documentary about suburbia is due for another round of filming

And anything else I can think of to make.

Make way for film!