Saturday, 17 July 2010

First Past The Post At Last

Hello everyone!
I'm very happy to announce that After Ate, starring many awesome people like the Loaf of Doom, is FINALLY FINISHED.
This has been on the cards since January, and was lacking about 30 seconds of footage to make it possible; now it has been completed with some fun music and titles, and will therefore be ready for the screening.
This is now being officially transferred to THE 8TH OF AUGUST AT 5:30.
I am really, really sorry if this makes it impossible for some people to attend :( I really want everyone there, and I'm sorry to change it at this late date but I'm so bogged down with work, both film and office, that it would be very stressful and half assed to do it on the original date.
In other news, I have a new logo!
Sort of.
I'm not 100% happy with it yet. See what you think.

Make way for film!

This is for the many people who seem to be getting (understandably) frustrated about the fact that I have not, as yet posted ANY VIDEOS except the After Ate teaser.
Why do I gots to be so mean?
Well, my motivations are thus: I really want the people who have helped me make my films, who I have relied on to give their time and effort, to see the films in an exclusive and special environment, the half-year screening. After the screening I will be posting all of them on Vimeo, the public domain, for anyone to see. But until then they remain with me...believe me, its frustrating me too, but ah'mma gonna stick by my guns on this one.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

There's A Whole Lot Still To Do

Okay, peeplings.
It seems like the screening may have to be pushed forward a week to the 7th of August thanks to work (groan) but fear not, things are still good.Font size

Plastic Vultures Trailer? Done.
Inbetweenland Trailer? Done.
Judge N Jury? Done.
Freeman Michael Brothers Property Law Firm? Done
After Ate? Finally shooting has finished thanks to Mr. Chris, and this is well on the way and looking spiffy despite cardboard props
Easter Egg? Still not filmed, dammit!
Others? Waiting.

In the meanwhilst, I will give you some screen shots of 'film poem' Eden, which should be at the screening too. By the way, I need voice actors to help me with this one, so if you're up for it and available that would be ace ^_^

I like pretty things.
Make way for film!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Perils of Ice Cream

Hello everybody!

Well, things are hotting up...slightly. The tyranny of a 9-5 makes it hard to make films (although of course not having one would make it impossible to actually fund them) but there are some spaces.

I put together teaser trailers for Inbetweenland and Plastic Vultures (like I totally said I would)...but lookee here! I'm not the only one making teaser trailers...

Heh. Sexes.

This is from my buddy The Cake Maker, from a play what he wrote. The footage was shot by me, over one hectic day in the historical Buxton. I must say the black and white makes it very nice indeed, a good choice that man.
Starring are some other wonderful friends of mine who are both stars.

Meanwhile, I am trying to find a way of shooting an ice cream cone in an interesting way.
It's a living, innit?

Make way for film!

Thanks peoples for the nice comments on my last post!
There are much appreciated ^^