Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Updates - 24/5, Degree a New Camera

Hello all
Well, lots has been happening since my last post, but the most important parts have gone on inside my mind.
After a long time of apathy, possibly brought on by fear of faliure or worries about how my previous films turned out, I was fired up again by the thought of entering the Derby-based 5-lamps 24-hour film competiton (or 24/5) with my good friend Neil. He did most of the work, sorting out equipment, plotting the film out and arranging actors, like the proactive film squirrel he is. I did the paperwork and a few other bits, and when it came to the day (Saturday 20th November) things went well.

We attack from the north!

Although frayed nerves began to show in the long evening, we made it through. One sleepless night of film jiggery and pokery with Neil and Chris (another good freind who is always a trooper when called to the film stand) later and we had a pretty darn good film titled 'No Good Deed' which will shortly appear on the Ootoob. Our actors and additional crew were great, and all in all it was a grand experience.

The screening and awards were done a week later on Sunday 28th at Derby Quad. Sadly 'No Good Deed' failed to win a prize, but then the competition was stiff. I can't deny I was a little upset, but of course there's no telling what heights the full cut of the film (without the 3 minute restraits of the competition) will soar to.

Also I must mention that the screening formed part of the ID Festival at the Quad, a celebration of British Films, and we must continue to support this kind of thing, as it was awesome. You can read my own and Britta's reveiws at our other blog, Couple of Spoilerz.

So, I have decided not to go on to do a Masters Degree at this time.
Financial, practicle and artistic worries assail me about it, and I have come to the conclusion that its just not the right thing to do. I should, I think, be getting serious about my life of film making, something which I have for far too long given lots of enthusiam and no practicle action. The money alone would not have swung it, but I feel that a move back to academia would be a move into hiding, not a move into the world. Only time will tell if I am right about this.
To this end though, instead of the EXPENSIVE professional camera I was going to buy with my loan, I have instead bought a REASONABLY PRICED camcorder with my own money, along with some spiffy accessories. It is a Canon HF200, which shoots excellent HD footage onto memory cards. I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with it.

More updates soon.
Make way for film!

Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Autumn Projects

Hello all!
I realise its been a while, I've had a varied few weeks with little time for film making.
Actually, that's a lie. I wanted a bit of a break. But now, its time to kick ass!

Sadly, at least two projects, including the much touted Easter Egg, now have to wait until next year as the summer weather (what we had of it) has now past.
Still, the crisp, lovely Autumn weather and the dark sinister weather of Winter are useful too, and so I present to you projects which (hopefully) will be done within the year...

1) Plastic Vultures - Finally finishing it!
2) Limbo - A ghostly film about a supernatural detective
3) Culture - An ambitious PR man regrets joining a pharmaseutical company with secrets
4) Inbetweenland - My documentary about suburbia is due for another round of filming

And anything else I can think of to make.

Make way for film!

Monday, 23 August 2010

Ich fahrer nach Deustchland!

I think. I have a terrible feeling the grammar in that sentence is off.
Anyway, I am off for a week in Germany and will be in a techno-blackout, with no laptop.
My brain will be ticking away with what we used to call 'pens' and 'paper' to hand, but no word will there be in the electronic domain.
Have a great week all, see you soon.

Make way for film!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Loaded Up

Hey all,

Well now the half way mark is passed and everyone involved was given a chance to see the world premiers, its time to stop being coy and say...the films have gone public!
Everyone must now go here...

Spekti's Vimeo Profile

There you will find After Ate, Freeman Michael Brothers, Judge N Jury and the trailers for Inbetweenland and Plastic Vultures.

There are a couple of others I haven't added yet, mainly because they need a final tweak, but they will be up in a week or so :)

Comment, give feedback, and make way for film!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Half -Wrapped

Firstly, a MASSIVE shout out to everyone who made it to the screening, it was a joy to see you all and great to hear you reactions. Even those who were snarky. You know who I mean.
Also commiserations for those who were unable to attend, I was very sad each time I got another 'can't come' message, as your presence always means a lot to me. However, I understand life is not simple and sometimes things are just impossible to do.
Also, massive thanks to Seema and Richard who own the Gallery and Chris White the sound engineer who set me up with the PA system :)
Please check out his website Piggy Back Studios

They are all looking at a picture of a duck. They cannot take their eyes of it.
Ducky-ducky duck duck.

The thing was a partial success, which is to say that the actual films went ahead and were all finished and that, but I did let people down badly in many ways. I was editing up until the last moment, literally burning the master copy of the DVD as the taxi waited outside to take me to the event that I planned and hoped to be there for at least an hour before any guests arrived.

I failed miserably, in fact arriving after nearly everyone apart from those I arrived with simultaneously by a bizarre fluke. I didn't manage to do as I had hoped and give out signed copies of the DVD to participants, or dress up nicely, or even ice the cakes with purple icing :( A sad case, indeed. I beat myself up about it pretty badly, but as always the presence of my friends being happy and forgiving made it all better.

What next?
Well, determination. Because there is one thing wrong with being a goal oriented person - once the goal is achieved, there is a tremendous urge to believe you have done everything you need to, get complacent and not try any more.
It has been my perpetual downfall.

On the other hand, since everything has been ridiculously hectic over the last week (I didn't get to bed before 2am any night, and not the fun 2am where your clubbing and drinking, the 2am where you fall asleep and get keyboard face), I feel justified in giving myself a break.
And by a break I mean getting on with tackling the mass of washing up and mess I have generated by being to busy to deal with anything but making films for the past week.

Fear not, though, Spekti fans! (no, I don't think they exist either. Sigh).
I will also be using this week as a chance to look over all my old projects, what went wrong, what went right, collecting feedback from people and, of course, looking to the future.
I will also finally, after one last check for potential improvements, be POSTING THE GOSHDARNED VIDEOS online, probably on my Vimeo account.

So, onward in 2010.
Another 6 films this year? Easy!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sunny Side Up

Well my dears, after singing out in praise of grey days yesterday, I reveal myself as a filthy hypocrite when I say I am very glad that, according the the Beeb Beeb Ceeb Weather Page, Sunday will be a sunny day.
A very sunny day. Hooray, hooray, a sunny day ^_^

Ignore this. Its irrelevant.

I say this, mostly, because Jasmine Cottage has a beautiful garden and we can stand in it and frolic and gambol and such. And eat cupcakes and quaff and carouse and that.
However, there will be now carousing, no, nor indeed quaffing, if you have not confirmed your attendance by 10am on Saturday, when I will set off to do my shopping, and as mentioned before, the amount of food I am going to purchase depends on how many I'm getting.
Sorry to keep ramming this home. Heh. Ramming.

Or is it? Yes. Yes it is.

The SUPER SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT (TM) will be in production today and tomorrow, which means that the full compliment of 5 films will be reached! Wohoo!

Make way for film

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Grey is Okay

What a day.
Grey, dark, drizzly and humdrum.
In other words, the most glorious kind of day to be plonked in front of a computer doing editing, sound recording and mixing, DVD making and generally being antisocial.
No worries about wasting good weather, no stigma against staying home all day drinking cups of tea and eating biscuits. Perfect.

Except I'm not at my home computer doing my editing. I'm at work doing work editing.
Ho hum, best make the most of it.

There is something very comforting about a grey day.
Some have described the feeling as schadenfreude, notably the cast (and puppets) of Avenue Q in their song of the same name:

'Don't you feel all warm and cosy, watchin' people out in the rain?'

Well, being generally well disposed and sympathetic to people out in the rain, I think there is a more innocent pleasure in being at home on a grey day. It does allow one the kind of impunity to actually be at home I have already described, but also has a kind of nostalgic ache to it.
Sitting here I am reminded of probably one of the best shows ever created by the BBC, or rather trilogy of shows, by the brilliant television writer Alan Plater: The Beiderbecke Triology.
Set in the often grey, run-down and shabby area of inner city Leeds, still looking similar 24 years after it was filmed, there was an amazing warmth and humanity about the show, as well as being wonderfully funny, clever, tense, romantic, exciting and blending all these elements seamlessly. Its beautifully drawn main characters Trevor and Jill were a joy, and James Bolam and Barbara Flynn bring them to life with subtle brilliance.
Listen to me, I'm gushing.
The point is, it is the televisual equivalent of curling up on the sofa under a blanket with a fire on a grey day. You feel nice, shiver occasionally, and enjoy the feeling of home.

I hope my work gives people something of that same comfort, although I'll need to work hard to be as good as Alan Plater.

In film news, just about everything is finished except the voiceover work for Eden and a very special, super-secret project that I will unveil at the screening :D

Make way for film!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Spooky Scary Skeletons (and menu)

As you may have noticed, this blog is not a place where I generally put film reviews or recommendations (except for friends) however I advise you check out the funny, unique and touching film Skeletons, filmed in nearby (for me) Matlock Bath.

I was lucky enough to attend last night and see director Nick Whitfield, a charming and down-to-earth fellow who told us a little of the film's genesis and his experiences.
Himself a theatre director before moving to film, some of his comments led me to contemplate the differences between theatre and film, and the reasons why I have never been drawn to theatre as a career. I think it has something to do with control, memory and closure.
Every night a theatre production is different, with new directions, tensions and strengths, and when it is over it is never really over.
A film is, for better or worse, always exactly what it is and nothing else. Complete, enclosed, a loop which cannot be broken.

A play is a living thing, whereas a film is something preserved in amber. Both are equally beautiful, but I think I know why I hold the preference I do.
Control has always been a big part of working for me, not control of people or content, but control of beginning and ending, times and limitations. But even more important is closure. Things have to be finished.

One of things that thankfully *has* been finished (see how I linked that in), is the menu for Sunday...

for your delectation

* Prawn Mayonnaise
* Sausage Meat
* Creamed Mushroom
* Mini Tomato Quiche
* Chicken

Additional Food
* Cocktail Sausages
* Chicken Strips
* Quorn Goujon
* Dips and dipping things

* Bucks Fizz
* Various Juices
* Water

*Cupcakes! With frosting!

They will probably look like this. If I can get purple food colouring.

Now, I know y'all gonna want some of this fine cuisine, however I have to stress again in my Obsessive Compulsive way, your Facebook Attending Status HAS TO BE ACCURATE. If I'm making more or less food than will be needed, things become difficult.
We don't want things to be difficult, do we?

And though it pains me to say, I can't be slaving over a hot stove for 'Maybe Attending'. Just so's you knows :D

Make way for film!

Monday, 2 August 2010

I Need Direction

Okay, everyone. Here are the important bits!

General Info

Date: Sunday 8th August
Time: 5:30pm to 11:30pm

The address of the gallery is:
Jasmine Cottage
117 Chaddesden Lane
DE21 6LL

And it looks like this.


For those getting a Taxi
Ask for Chaddesden Lane; look out on your right hand side for a church. When you see this, ask to stop. On the left hand side of the road, a few feet up from the church, is Jasmine Cottage; you will see signs there saying ‘Art Gallery’ on an adjoining fence. Enter the courtyard through the door in the fence, and follow signs to the gallery.

For those with a Car
The main thing here is to get onto Nottingham Road.
From Derby, the best way to do this is via The Cock Pitt onto St Alkmund’s Way and then head up to Pentagon Roundabout. Take the third exit onto the A52. Carry on into Chaddesden, passing the Cemetery and Fire Station. You will come to a gas station and a row of shops on the LEFT. Immediately after these, turn into the left, which is Chaddesden Lane. Head up here for half a mile, until you see a church on your right hand side. When you see this, find a place to park; probably best to park down Church Lane, also on your right.
Opposite church lane is Jasmine Cottage; you will see signs there saying ‘Art Gallery’ on an adjoining fence. Enter the courtyard through the door in the fence, and follow signs to the gallery.
From Nottingham, I’d check google maps if I were you. I’m tired of writing directions.

For Those Without a Car
Take one of these busses from the Bus Station...

to Chaddesden Lane End. The bus will tell you when this stop is, because Trent Barton busses are clever.

If you are coming from Derby, double back from the bus stop, passing the Toby Carvery and take the first right, onto Chaddesden Lane.

If you are coming from Nottingham, cross the road near the nearest traffic lights, walk past the row of shops on your left hand side and head up Chaddesden Lane.

Then carry on up Chaddesden Lane for about half a mile, staying on the left hand side. The going is slightly awkward because the pavement doesn’t carry on constantly on both sides (bad design) but after a while you will pass a church on the right hand side. Just after this you will meet probably the most difficult part of the journey, literally creeping along a wall outside a house to avoid getting squashed.

This, my friends, is what you call a Death Wall.

This house is Jasmine Cottage; when you have finished creeping along the death wall, you will be able to escape into a fenced area. Let yourself in through the door, and you will find yourself in a courtyard. Then simply follow signs to the gallery.

The menu will appear soon!
Remember, if you need to contact me for any reason, write to...


Also anyone who hasn't got my mobile number can request it.

Make way for film!

Sunday, 1 August 2010

The Green Green Grass of Over There

The grass is always greener on the other side.
At least, there always seem to be flowers growing over there that you can't grow over here.
As an employed person who earns a decent wage, I feel like an arse whinging to people who have been spending months trying to get employment with no success, for seemingly no reason other than that the universe has it in for them.
However there is no denying the fact that I am becoming more and more unsatsfied with the free-time filmmaking approach endemic in a 9-5. I knew it would happen. It is an integral part of Moore's Equation Of Why Things Never Get Done (TM).

If x >/= 1, y = 0

When x = inclination, y = money
When x =money, y= time
When x = time, y = inclination

I have been feeling more and more stretched for the past weeks, desperately fighting the unstoppable juggernaut of time, spending days gritting my teeth to stumps watching HOURS of good film making time go by.
And it seems that things tend more often than not to conspire to stop me using the precious time I have to do what I want. Unavoidable engagements, unavilable people and unforseeable weather have all scuppered getting Easter Egg finished in time for the screening next week, and are seriously calling into question whether I can finished other project done.

The Screening!
YES! Bet you'd thought I'd forgotten, dintcha? Well I haven't. So screw you.
Tomorrow I will be sending out the order of the day and intructions on how to get there,
as well as further invites and the menu for food and drink.

Watch this spacem, and make way for film!

Saturday, 17 July 2010

First Past The Post At Last

Hello everyone!
I'm very happy to announce that After Ate, starring many awesome people like the Loaf of Doom, is FINALLY FINISHED.
This has been on the cards since January, and was lacking about 30 seconds of footage to make it possible; now it has been completed with some fun music and titles, and will therefore be ready for the screening.
This is now being officially transferred to THE 8TH OF AUGUST AT 5:30.
I am really, really sorry if this makes it impossible for some people to attend :( I really want everyone there, and I'm sorry to change it at this late date but I'm so bogged down with work, both film and office, that it would be very stressful and half assed to do it on the original date.
In other news, I have a new logo!
Sort of.
I'm not 100% happy with it yet. See what you think.

Make way for film!

This is for the many people who seem to be getting (understandably) frustrated about the fact that I have not, as yet posted ANY VIDEOS except the After Ate teaser.
Why do I gots to be so mean?
Well, my motivations are thus: I really want the people who have helped me make my films, who I have relied on to give their time and effort, to see the films in an exclusive and special environment, the half-year screening. After the screening I will be posting all of them on Vimeo, the public domain, for anyone to see. But until then they remain with me...believe me, its frustrating me too, but ah'mma gonna stick by my guns on this one.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

There's A Whole Lot Still To Do

Okay, peeplings.
It seems like the screening may have to be pushed forward a week to the 7th of August thanks to work (groan) but fear not, things are still good.Font size

Plastic Vultures Trailer? Done.
Inbetweenland Trailer? Done.
Judge N Jury? Done.
Freeman Michael Brothers Property Law Firm? Done
After Ate? Finally shooting has finished thanks to Mr. Chris, and this is well on the way and looking spiffy despite cardboard props
Easter Egg? Still not filmed, dammit!
Others? Waiting.

In the meanwhilst, I will give you some screen shots of 'film poem' Eden, which should be at the screening too. By the way, I need voice actors to help me with this one, so if you're up for it and available that would be ace ^_^

I like pretty things.
Make way for film!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Perils of Ice Cream

Hello everybody!

Well, things are hotting up...slightly. The tyranny of a 9-5 makes it hard to make films (although of course not having one would make it impossible to actually fund them) but there are some spaces.

I put together teaser trailers for Inbetweenland and Plastic Vultures (like I totally said I would)...but lookee here! I'm not the only one making teaser trailers...

Heh. Sexes.

This is from my buddy The Cake Maker, from a play what he wrote. The footage was shot by me, over one hectic day in the historical Buxton. I must say the black and white makes it very nice indeed, a good choice that man.
Starring are some other wonderful friends of mine who are both stars.

Meanwhile, I am trying to find a way of shooting an ice cream cone in an interesting way.
It's a living, innit?

Make way for film!

Thanks peoples for the nice comments on my last post!
There are much appreciated ^^

Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Space Between

Hello all!
As The Half Year Screening approaches (37 days and counting now), I am getting down to some serious film work. This weekend will be devoted to all manner of prop and costume making, and discussing with my friend/studio landlady Seema about arrangements for it.
I have also been revisiting and my as yet unfinished documentary Inbetweenland, a poetic-academic piece about suburbia and my home back home.
I am putting together a trailer for it for the Screening and those who have been kind enough to help me so far...the plan is to finish it in August/September this year.

Here are some screenshots of beautiful suburbia...

Southwood, Cove, Hants

Elvetham Heath, Fleet, Surrey

Southwood Again. Ain't it pretty loike?

Make way for film!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Sort Your ****ing Life Out!

Hi all
It can hardly have escaped your eagle eyes that I haven't posted in what...ooo...two months?
Endless frustrations of work, people and in fact just life in general means that I haven't had an awful lot to say.

I made a prop? Borrrrring. No one wants to hear that. Or do they? Maybe they do, I don't know.
Well that ends here because I am planning a big old EVENT at the end of July to screen all the films so far, and will be working extra hard in the meanwhilst to make sure I have a full set of films to show everyone. About 50 days and counting. Wish me luck!

Monday, 19 April 2010

The Egg Is Hatching

Hello all;

I have been beating myself up not a little recently due to my tardiness in preparing the fourth project of the year, Easter Egg, but now I am pleased to say it is getting on its feet.

At first too many ideas were swirling round my head to get it down on paper...should it be about paganism, or christianity? About little girls stealing eggs, or about corporations stealing festivals?
In the end it has become about springtime itself, and is quite a lot more reflective and sombre than my original whimisical idea.

Given these multiple mutations, the working title Easter Egg is now almost guaranteed to change, although to what I'm not sure.

The whole thing is narrated with a poem...here's an excerpt:

"This creature, born in earth
And raised in sunlight
Whose soul was carried thither on the air
He was known in many lands
Whose many peoples christened him in many worded tongues
With many names that went before him there"

And it pretty much goes on like that. On and on.

In other news, I met with the legendary Tom of the Craigs this week, and after a few beverages our manly reserve broke down and we found ourselves able to talk about such things as potential, plagarism, Portuguese Men O' War, working, worries and the wonder of Moths.
It's always nice to talk with a fellow film-head, and the meeting left me feeling all the more certain in my conviction that yes, it IS possible and yes, if I try my darndest, I will achieve.

And I'm taking you all with me, you hear?!

Make way for film,

PS. Some of you may be wondering where my other projects have gone. Well, FMB is now edited and finished. After Ate is getting there, hopefully filming the last seconds of footage today so that can be done and dusted.
However after long deliberation I have decided not to post them on YouTube...however, I am planning a screening in a couple of months hence (July) in which I will display the half-years worth of films, and anyone who wants is welcome to come along ^__^

Saturday, 10 April 2010

But We Did Nothing, Absolutely Nothing That Day

Hey again film buds!
Well its been shinty-six (read 14) days since my last post, and it seems like an age.
Since I last posted I have enjoyed an Easter Weekend with my family, which including the world premier of Freeman Michael Brothers...

We're all totally dressed up and that.

Given the tight editing schedule of two evenings, it wasn't the polished commercial version which will be available to people in the near future, but it was well received.
It was also a landmark of editing for me as it was the first film I have so far...
a) edited on my own Mac and
b) composed an entirely original soundtrack for.

Speaking of my new set up, take a gander...

Pretty fricken sweet, eh?
It cost me a little under £800, with thrift and smarts.

In other news, I have found the perfect cure to not making films...

1) take a nice long thought provoking run or walk
2) Listen to 'Drinking in LA' (Bran Van 3000), 'Do You Know The Way To San Jose?' (Elkie Brookes) and 'Big Sunglasses' (Dragonette) on a loop
3) Realise in a melancholic moment in Farnham that you and everyone you truly care about has never fulfilled their true potential.

Make way for film,


Sunday, 28 March 2010

Let's Do Some Goddamn Property Law!

Hello everybody!
Well, this weekend has been just as hectic as the last, as my brothers and I set out to shoot a short film for Mum's birthday, now only 5 days hence.
Shooting this one was tough, but editing it in time is going to be even tougher...wish me luck!
In the meantime, have more screenshots.

Damn it, Vandermeyer! Jj remembers what people who agree to be in my films are let in for.
What, you mean this isn't a parking offence?

In the background, Tom exaggerates.

Well, hope that's wetted your whistle!

Make way for film,

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Plastic Vultures Is Go! And It's Awesome!

Okay, so on Saturday we like, totally filmed some more Plastic Vultures.
Today I captured the footage (on my now functioning but not quite complete Mac Mini!) and got some wonderful screenshots. Also Aaron took some great on-set photos.

The villian of our piece...he's a very sinister man...
VERY sinister.
Polis Louizou, proving he can act an' that.
Is there anything better to brighten up the apocalypse than gratitous crotch shots?

Well, maybe a game of "kiss chicken"

Yes. Peace worked out. Now there's no more people to fight!
Our handsome director. He could play a scheming bishounen in an anime...
Jason has the whole post-apocalyptic tramp thing down to a tee:
Share and share alike in the world of tomorow...

Well I hope that's wet yet whistle for more fun!
In other news, Freeman Michael Brothers LTD is being filmed THIS WEEKEND!
Wish us luck.

Make way for film!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Slow Progress

It is very bad, and completely incorrect, to say 'everything's gone wrong' or variations.
If EVERYTHING went wrong, you'd already be dead. And you would have died as a result of the Universe collapsing.
And then when you died, God would be a total jerk and Hell would be a men's toilet at a seedy nightclub. Heaven would be the bar where you couldn't get served.

But there are times when little nit-picky problems pile up on one another and it FEELS like everything that could go wrong without actually completely scuppering a project is going wrong.
In many ways, a complete project-scuppering problem is simple. You pack up and go home.
But little problems mean you have to keep getting-the-hell-on-with-it.

To clarify, I am not talking about any of the film projects on at the moment (although all of the above could easily be applied to some of the past).
No, I'm talking about my quest for a computer that would actually allow me to edit film projects.
I have had a Mac Mini for a month, a monitor for a week and a dream for several years, and all of them are sitting gathering dust for the need of a 12cm VGA to DVI adaptor cable.

On top of the many difficulties I have already had with this (not even going to go into how much of a pain getting this monitor was) the cable would have arrived yesterday...if it had actually been the cable, and not what it was, which was a leather pouch for a frigging iPhone.

I have spent more of my meagre money on this stuff than anything else in my life, and it might as well have been a paperweight.
Fly swift, sweet cable, in to my arms, and all shall be well.

In other news, Plastic Vultures is definitely going ahead this weekend! Wohoo!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Good Egg, Old Bean

Well FMB is now well under way, we have a great fellow by the name of Jon on board to play the Judge, and the dates for filming are settled. That means...

Its time to look at April's project.

An easter themed dark fairy tale called Easter Egg.
Now, I once tried to shoot this thing for a 16mm film project. As with lots of 16mm stuff, the bits that looked good (especially the animation) looked great. The stuff that didn't looked like pretty much nothing, since it wasn't lit well enough.

So, where to go with it?
The basic plot hasn't changed: a film set to a poem where a girl steals an Egg from the Easter Bunny and provokes a global conflict. Oooh, satire!
Well, I'll be posting its progress as I go along, but suggestions are welcome.
That's right; I am asking to rip off your ideas. Huzzah!

Make way for film!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Thought By Now I'd Be 5/11

Here's the Teaser Trailer for AFTER ATE:

And an extract from Freeman Michael Brothers, which pretty much tells you all you need to know:

Freeman! You're a loose cannon!
You go on like this, you'll turn the whole of property law on it's head!

Sounds good to me.

Michael, Peter and Horatio all put on shades.

Yup, that's the gist all right.

Monday, 8 March 2010

After Ate Screenshots and Updates for March Filming

AFTER ATE is looking geeewwd. Here's just a few of the cah-razy images you can expect to see:

Jason looking like he's about to go all John Carpenters The Thing.
Wait...did I make this?
Roni is imprisoned behind some back-words.

In other news, two projects for March:
The second half of the long awaited (at least by its makers) PLASTIC VULTURES should be filmed this month on the 20th and 21st, and a week later myself and my brothers will be shooting our film in celebration of our Mother's birthday (2nd of April), FREEMAN MICHAEL-BROTHERS PROPERTY LAW FIRM LTD, giving us a week of editing time.

Even more exciting, I have ordered a freaking monitor for my MacMini, which should arrive today, and actually allow me to get my system started. Hallelujah!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Function Explain!

Hello friends, filmmakers, family members and fans.
This blog is to chart my filmmaking adventures with both mine and others' projects, focussing primarily on my attempt to make at least 1 film for every month in 2010.
That doesn't mean a complete film every month, just that by December, 12 films will have been made.
The first, After Ate, has already been filmed and is now being edited.
Fun times await!