Monday, 19 April 2010

The Egg Is Hatching

Hello all;

I have been beating myself up not a little recently due to my tardiness in preparing the fourth project of the year, Easter Egg, but now I am pleased to say it is getting on its feet.

At first too many ideas were swirling round my head to get it down on paper...should it be about paganism, or christianity? About little girls stealing eggs, or about corporations stealing festivals?
In the end it has become about springtime itself, and is quite a lot more reflective and sombre than my original whimisical idea.

Given these multiple mutations, the working title Easter Egg is now almost guaranteed to change, although to what I'm not sure.

The whole thing is narrated with a's an excerpt:

"This creature, born in earth
And raised in sunlight
Whose soul was carried thither on the air
He was known in many lands
Whose many peoples christened him in many worded tongues
With many names that went before him there"

And it pretty much goes on like that. On and on.

In other news, I met with the legendary Tom of the Craigs this week, and after a few beverages our manly reserve broke down and we found ourselves able to talk about such things as potential, plagarism, Portuguese Men O' War, working, worries and the wonder of Moths.
It's always nice to talk with a fellow film-head, and the meeting left me feeling all the more certain in my conviction that yes, it IS possible and yes, if I try my darndest, I will achieve.

And I'm taking you all with me, you hear?!

Make way for film,

PS. Some of you may be wondering where my other projects have gone. Well, FMB is now edited and finished. After Ate is getting there, hopefully filming the last seconds of footage today so that can be done and dusted.
However after long deliberation I have decided not to post them on YouTube...however, I am planning a screening in a couple of months hence (July) in which I will display the half-years worth of films, and anyone who wants is welcome to come along ^__^

Saturday, 10 April 2010

But We Did Nothing, Absolutely Nothing That Day

Hey again film buds!
Well its been shinty-six (read 14) days since my last post, and it seems like an age.
Since I last posted I have enjoyed an Easter Weekend with my family, which including the world premier of Freeman Michael Brothers...

We're all totally dressed up and that.

Given the tight editing schedule of two evenings, it wasn't the polished commercial version which will be available to people in the near future, but it was well received.
It was also a landmark of editing for me as it was the first film I have so far...
a) edited on my own Mac and
b) composed an entirely original soundtrack for.

Speaking of my new set up, take a gander...

Pretty fricken sweet, eh?
It cost me a little under £800, with thrift and smarts.

In other news, I have found the perfect cure to not making films...

1) take a nice long thought provoking run or walk
2) Listen to 'Drinking in LA' (Bran Van 3000), 'Do You Know The Way To San Jose?' (Elkie Brookes) and 'Big Sunglasses' (Dragonette) on a loop
3) Realise in a melancholic moment in Farnham that you and everyone you truly care about has never fulfilled their true potential.

Make way for film,