Thursday, 24 June 2010

The Space Between

Hello all!
As The Half Year Screening approaches (37 days and counting now), I am getting down to some serious film work. This weekend will be devoted to all manner of prop and costume making, and discussing with my friend/studio landlady Seema about arrangements for it.
I have also been revisiting and my as yet unfinished documentary Inbetweenland, a poetic-academic piece about suburbia and my home back home.
I am putting together a trailer for it for the Screening and those who have been kind enough to help me so far...the plan is to finish it in August/September this year.

Here are some screenshots of beautiful suburbia...

Southwood, Cove, Hants

Elvetham Heath, Fleet, Surrey

Southwood Again. Ain't it pretty loike?

Make way for film!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Sort Your ****ing Life Out!

Hi all
It can hardly have escaped your eagle eyes that I haven't posted in months?
Endless frustrations of work, people and in fact just life in general means that I haven't had an awful lot to say.

I made a prop? Borrrrring. No one wants to hear that. Or do they? Maybe they do, I don't know.
Well that ends here because I am planning a big old EVENT at the end of July to screen all the films so far, and will be working extra hard in the meanwhilst to make sure I have a full set of films to show everyone. About 50 days and counting. Wish me luck!