Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Updates - 24/5, Degree a New Camera

Hello all
Well, lots has been happening since my last post, but the most important parts have gone on inside my mind.
After a long time of apathy, possibly brought on by fear of faliure or worries about how my previous films turned out, I was fired up again by the thought of entering the Derby-based 5-lamps 24-hour film competiton (or 24/5) with my good friend Neil. He did most of the work, sorting out equipment, plotting the film out and arranging actors, like the proactive film squirrel he is. I did the paperwork and a few other bits, and when it came to the day (Saturday 20th November) things went well.

We attack from the north!

Although frayed nerves began to show in the long evening, we made it through. One sleepless night of film jiggery and pokery with Neil and Chris (another good freind who is always a trooper when called to the film stand) later and we had a pretty darn good film titled 'No Good Deed' which will shortly appear on the Ootoob. Our actors and additional crew were great, and all in all it was a grand experience.

The screening and awards were done a week later on Sunday 28th at Derby Quad. Sadly 'No Good Deed' failed to win a prize, but then the competition was stiff. I can't deny I was a little upset, but of course there's no telling what heights the full cut of the film (without the 3 minute restraits of the competition) will soar to.

Also I must mention that the screening formed part of the ID Festival at the Quad, a celebration of British Films, and we must continue to support this kind of thing, as it was awesome. You can read my own and Britta's reveiws at our other blog, Couple of Spoilerz.

So, I have decided not to go on to do a Masters Degree at this time.
Financial, practicle and artistic worries assail me about it, and I have come to the conclusion that its just not the right thing to do. I should, I think, be getting serious about my life of film making, something which I have for far too long given lots of enthusiam and no practicle action. The money alone would not have swung it, but I feel that a move back to academia would be a move into hiding, not a move into the world. Only time will tell if I am right about this.
To this end though, instead of the EXPENSIVE professional camera I was going to buy with my loan, I have instead bought a REASONABLY PRICED camcorder with my own money, along with some spiffy accessories. It is a Canon HF200, which shoots excellent HD footage onto memory cards. I am looking forward to seeing what I can do with it.

More updates soon.
Make way for film!