Monday, 3 January 2011


Happy new year! Hope you're feeling sexy after Xmas!


Well, its time I changed the name of my blog.
Also, it seems my original purpose of the blog, to chart my ability to make a film a month, has passed its sell-by-date.

I failed. Sigh.

Success means different things to different people, as does failure...I failed not because I didn't make a film for every month of the year of 2010, I failed because I lost my passion and drive to try. After the mid-way celebrations I was so disappointed that I hadn't made a film a month SO FAR, I didn't want to risk failure by trying to do it in the second half of the year...the irony is that even though I might have failed if I had tried, I DEFINITELY failed by not trying.
I am not good at dealing with failure. So I'm just going to have to grow up, in many ways.

However, Christmas has been a very creative time for me in terms of writing and having masses of ideas, spurred on by the fact that now I have a camera I can actually do some of the stuff I think of, rather than faffing around doing nothing. I even did a bit of filming today, the first of a prospective series of story telling videos...that's me copying Jj again.
Check out his website, by the way: JOEL BUCKLAND DOT COM.
One thing I forgot, but remembered upon transferring the clips to the computer, is that HD takes up LOADS OF DISC SPACE.
I will not forget this again in a hurry.

Also on the horizon is a potential filmed element to Britta's and my film blog, Couple of Spoilerz (check it out, it needs the traffic, and there'll be reviews of Tron Legacy and Monsters up there soon) but I'm not telling you exactly what it is yet, becuase that would spoil the surprise.
Finally I am planning a theatre-cum-vodcast project entitled Cardboard Playhouse which fits in nicely with the proposed project I am doing with Jason Phelps, a film of Waiting for Godot.

In vaguely film related news I recieved a copy of 'Its Only A Movie' by my hero Mark Kermode from my lovely bro Tom. I enjoyed reading it very much on the train yesterday, and it was very comforting finding out that there was a time when the quiffed wonder was just as down on his luck as any of us.

In other news good matey Polis released a new dream-film right before Xmas called "Birthday Boy" check it out on Vimeo, right HERE. It has some really haunting imagery of things you might not ever think were scary...

Well, I think that's enough for now. I'll just leave you with a teaser...

Consider yourself teased.

Make way for film!

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