Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Half -Wrapped

Firstly, a MASSIVE shout out to everyone who made it to the screening, it was a joy to see you all and great to hear you reactions. Even those who were snarky. You know who I mean.
Also commiserations for those who were unable to attend, I was very sad each time I got another 'can't come' message, as your presence always means a lot to me. However, I understand life is not simple and sometimes things are just impossible to do.
Also, massive thanks to Seema and Richard who own the Gallery and Chris White the sound engineer who set me up with the PA system :)
Please check out his website Piggy Back Studios

They are all looking at a picture of a duck. They cannot take their eyes of it.
Ducky-ducky duck duck.

The thing was a partial success, which is to say that the actual films went ahead and were all finished and that, but I did let people down badly in many ways. I was editing up until the last moment, literally burning the master copy of the DVD as the taxi waited outside to take me to the event that I planned and hoped to be there for at least an hour before any guests arrived.

I failed miserably, in fact arriving after nearly everyone apart from those I arrived with simultaneously by a bizarre fluke. I didn't manage to do as I had hoped and give out signed copies of the DVD to participants, or dress up nicely, or even ice the cakes with purple icing :( A sad case, indeed. I beat myself up about it pretty badly, but as always the presence of my friends being happy and forgiving made it all better.

What next?
Well, determination. Because there is one thing wrong with being a goal oriented person - once the goal is achieved, there is a tremendous urge to believe you have done everything you need to, get complacent and not try any more.
It has been my perpetual downfall.

On the other hand, since everything has been ridiculously hectic over the last week (I didn't get to bed before 2am any night, and not the fun 2am where your clubbing and drinking, the 2am where you fall asleep and get keyboard face), I feel justified in giving myself a break.
And by a break I mean getting on with tackling the mass of washing up and mess I have generated by being to busy to deal with anything but making films for the past week.

Fear not, though, Spekti fans! (no, I don't think they exist either. Sigh).
I will also be using this week as a chance to look over all my old projects, what went wrong, what went right, collecting feedback from people and, of course, looking to the future.
I will also finally, after one last check for potential improvements, be POSTING THE GOSHDARNED VIDEOS online, probably on my Vimeo account.

So, onward in 2010.
Another 6 films this year? Easy!

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