Thursday, 5 August 2010

Sunny Side Up

Well my dears, after singing out in praise of grey days yesterday, I reveal myself as a filthy hypocrite when I say I am very glad that, according the the Beeb Beeb Ceeb Weather Page, Sunday will be a sunny day.
A very sunny day. Hooray, hooray, a sunny day ^_^

Ignore this. Its irrelevant.

I say this, mostly, because Jasmine Cottage has a beautiful garden and we can stand in it and frolic and gambol and such. And eat cupcakes and quaff and carouse and that.
However, there will be now carousing, no, nor indeed quaffing, if you have not confirmed your attendance by 10am on Saturday, when I will set off to do my shopping, and as mentioned before, the amount of food I am going to purchase depends on how many I'm getting.
Sorry to keep ramming this home. Heh. Ramming.

Or is it? Yes. Yes it is.

The SUPER SPECIAL SECRET PROJECT (TM) will be in production today and tomorrow, which means that the full compliment of 5 films will be reached! Wohoo!

Make way for film

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